Folders Generator

Folders Generator

Folder Generator

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Folders Generator template

The Folders generator. This template can help you to create automatically folders in your computer. You can use this to generate the different folders with the names of your clients, or your students for example. It is very useful Note that this excel uses macros.


This file is programmed to work under a Windows system.


See also our Folders & Subfolder generator template.



0 .You can use this template to create automatically folders in your computer. This excel uses Excel macros which you can enable from:
File > Options >Trust Center > Macro Settings > Enable all Macros
1 .Type your folders' name starting on cell A2 (you can remove our examples). There is no limit on the number of folders, but the name must be unique (you cannot repeat names).
2 .Do not leave blank cells between the folders' names.
3 .Click the "Generate folders button" located at cell B2.
4 .Go to "C:Folder by"     /  Your folders will be there waiting for you.


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