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Personal Budget

Personal Budget template will help you to control your annual budget and adjust costs to end the year more than successfully in your annual savings. Control your monthly expenditures and be sure you always have enough cash to bear any unexpected event. With this planning you are able to define your expected annual savings. Personal…
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Events Guest List Template

This Events Guest List Template can help you to organise an event and to prepare a guestlist with all details of your guests and their status of attendance. This is a printable version setup with a beautiful background to give more style to your Event. Also maybe you are interested to use this other template…
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Weight BMI Calculator

Weight BMI Calculator This Weight BMI Calculator template calculates your ideal weight and your current BMI according to Harris-Benedict equation. Also does a prediction date when your weight goal will be achieved.   The Harris-Benedict BMR was published in 1918 but, after that there are some revisions of the formula. The latest revision is: Men:…
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