year calendar Scotland 2020

Year calendar Scotland 2020

The year calendar Scotland 2020 includes the holidays. 2020 yearly calendar for the Republic of Scotland. 2020 Scotland Holidays and Observances: 1st January: New Year’s Day 2nd January: New Year’s Holiday 10th April: Good Friday 8th May: May Day 25th May: Late May Bank Holiday 3rd August: August Bank Holiday 30th November: St. Andrew’s Day…
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year calendar South Africa 2020

Year calendar South Africa 2020

The year calendar South Africa 2020 includes the holidays. 2020 yearly calendar for the Republic of South Africa. 2020 South Africa Holidays and Observances: 1st January: New Year’s Day 21st March: Human Rights Day 10th April: Good Friday 13th April: Family Day 27th April: Freedom Day 1st May: Labour Day 16th June: Youth Day 9th…
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year calendar ireland 2020

Year calendar Ireland 2020

The year calendar Ireland 2020 includes the holidays. 2020 Ireland Holidays and Observances: 1st January: New Year’s Day 17th March: St. Patrick’s Day 13th April: Easter Monday 4th May: May Day 1st June: June Bank Holiday 3rd August: August Bank Holiday 25th December: Christmas Day 26th December: St. Stephen’s Day Download the year calendar Ireland…
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Project plan excel gantt

Project plan – Determining Your Project’s Outcomes, Goals and Objectives

Project plan – Success is what you define.  If arriving in Tucson on Tuesday is your objective, showing up at the city limits at 11:45 pm would be considered a success.  What if the reason you needed to be in Tucson was for a conference that started at 10 am on Tuesday?  Then arriving at…
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handover keys lease agreement

Ready to sign the lease agreement

Explore the advantages of signing a lease agreement. The real estate market is booming in different areas. You have probably noticed it’s not so easy to get into that dreamed house, despite the favorable mortgage rates. Advantages of a lease agreement With such uncertainty around the real estate market, perhaps it is best to stay…
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amortization schedule

Mortgage amortization schedule

Your amortization schedule provides you with a wide range of information about the mortgage that you are taking on. This information may not seem important right now, but when you use it to help you find the best rates available and the best mortgage for you, you can actually profit from taking a good look…
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mortgage loan calculator

Planning ahead with a mortgage loan calculator

Home equity loan and home loan: differences When it comes to getting a loan for your mortgage and using a mortgage calculator, you should definitely know the differences in a home equity loan and a home loan. A home loan is basically your first loan when purchasing a home. This could mean first time buyers…
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Wedding loan

The wedding loans solution. No more sleepless nights

Guess which stuff excites people the most. That’s the wedding of themselves or of their children or their relatives. It is a day which for most of the people comes once in their lives. Every one from the relatives to the parents to the bride and the groom look forward to this day. It requires…
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ideal weight BMI Harris-Benedict

My ideal weight and current BMI (Harris-Benedict equation)

Ideal weight. Formula Harris-Benedict I need to know my ideal weight. Yes, it is true. I am overweight. Harris Benedict Equation is the way to calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). It is an estimation of how many calories you burn per day. It is calculated by first figuring out your Basal Metabolic Rate,…
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Retirement. The 4% rule.

The 4% rule: plan your retirement through an investment fund. Calculate the reimbursement when you’re retired. If you are close to retirement and you have an investment fund, or if you just want to plan how to manage the available options, this is the post for you. If not, it doesn’t matter, this is useful…
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